How to Save Ink of UV Flat Printer

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Here you will introduce the method of saving ink for UV flat-panel printer, and then as you achieve the purpose of saving more and more surplus cost.

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I. Use of the Economic Model

Ultraviolet flat-panel printers use standard mode by default, which can still ensure the quality of printing, but will consume a lot of ink. For example, the product for printing quality requirements are not low, can choose economic mode; but want to ensure that the print pattern is clear and meticulous, also choose Custom mode. Therefore, according to the specific printing material, number of times and accuracy, you should choose the appropriate printing method to avoid any inappropriate waste.

2. Finish the last drop of ink

If the ink of the UV tablet machine is about to run out, the printer will prompt the user to replace the ink cartridge. Many of our friends will immediately replace the new ink cartridge. In fact, there is also a small amount of residual ink in the UV tablet. We can clean it several times through the control panel or the software provided by the machine, and we can continue to use it.

3. Avoid vigorous startup

When the UV flat-panel printer starts, it will test the machine manually. In addition to cleaning the nozzle, the ink conveying system will also fill the ink manually. This will waste part of the ink of the UV flat-panel printer. Therefore, the printer suggests that you concentrate the products you need to print together for printing.

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