Market prospect of UV ceramic tile printer

2019-06-05 17:54:17 uv平板打印机 150

Traditional tiles are mostly uniform colors, monotonous patterns and popular collocation. With the continuous development and progress of the times, people's living standards are increasing, and the requirements for life and personalized customization are also increasing. These ordinary single tiles have been unable to meet people's aesthetic and personalized needs.

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Ceramic tile printer not only fills the gap in the market, but also produces great benefits while winning people's favor. More and more people are investing in this industry to study the effect of UV ceramic tile printer, so that the technology of UV ceramic tile printer has been improved and new technology has been applied. UV ceramic tile printer has become an unparalleled fighter in the technology of UV ceramic tile printing.

Nowadays, people's demand for personalized home decoration derives a series of home decoration products. It is obvious that UV ceramic tile printer is the best among them. According to statistics, the wall area is more than three times the use area of the house, and occupies the most of our sight. The TV background wall is very easy to attract attention. It is an indispensable and very important part of home decoration. Compared with the direct purchase of processed ceramic tile decoration outside, customizing a TV background wall is enough to show the owner's unique identity and is also the current home decoration. The part where people need more customization. And the UV ceramic tile printer avoids the factory production mode of process chemical industry, and can customize the exclusive ceramic tile according to the requirements of customers.

UV ceramic tile printer is a high-tech plate-free full-color digital printer: without any material restrictions, it can print on the surface of moving doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystals, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastics, stone, leather, etc. It is free from the complex process of traditional equipment, without plate-making and full-color images. Printing completed at one time, beautiful and rich color, wear resistance, anti-ultraviolet, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image, fully in line with industrial printing standards.

Since the research and development of UV ceramic tile printer, with great advantages, it has quickly seized the printing industry market and occupied 60% of the market share. Manufacturers, distributors and agents have joined in one after another. Shenzhen Shangsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a multi-purpose industrial digital equipment with independent intellectual property rights, professional research and development, production and sales of flat-panel printers, UV flat-panel machines, flat-panel UV printers and so on. High-tech enterprises can help you improve your competitiveness in the printing industry. Welcome to consult.

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